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  Affordable shipping containers, ice packs and disposable syringes for shipping fresh semen for horse breeding.
  Shipping boxes with your logo available!
  Alles aus einer Hand: Everything from a single source: semen shipping boxes, ice packs and disposable syringes.
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Our semen boxes are specifically developed for shipping fresh sperm for horse breeding. The function is simple: Inside the box there is a central compartment that offers space for one to three disposable syringes (these syringes contain the pre-cooled fresh semen that is to be sent). In addition to the main compartment, there are two further narrower compartments on both sides where you can insert the ice packs. Two ice packs are used per box. These have to be inserted frozen into the shipping box. The design prevents direct contact between the ice packs and the sensitive fresh semen. The lid closes neatly and the box can be shipped. Depending on the ambient temperature, the fresh sperm stays cool and fresh for up to 36 hours.

The semen shipping boxes offer several advantages! The solution is inexpensive and can be reused. The boxes are sturdy enough to withstand many shipments (reusable system!). The ice packs are also long-lasting and can be re-frozen and shipped as often as you like. Handling is extremely easy. There is no possibility of incorrect handling and, compared to shipping frozen semen using other methods, there are no special safety requirements when shipping fresh semen in semen shipping boxes.

We use Neopor for our sperm shipping boxes. This is a special foam based on polystyrene (Styrofoam). In comparison to Styrofoam, Neopor also contains ground graphite, which later gives the material its silvery color.

The silvery graphite particles reflect and absorb thermal radiation and thus ensure even better thermal insulation. In principle, we can also make our boxes from Styrofoam, i.e. white, upon customer request. A mixture of white Styrofoam and silvery Neopor is also possible. The “Dalmatian variant”. If you are interested, please contact us - we can also provide you with samples.

First, send us your logo via email and we will usually send you a visualization of your own sperm shipping box within a few hours. If you like the visualization and have given us the order, the tool inserts will be milled by our manufacturer. This usually takes 10 working days. You can then manufacture directly.

If you wish, you will receive a release sample before the actual production run.

There are one-off costs for the tool inserts in the amount of: 450€ plus VAT, which we will invoice. The tool insert is extremely durable! You can expect a service life of 15-20 years, depending on wear.

Items 1 - 10 of 10