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Cooling pads

  Long-lasting cooling
  NO-SWEAT cooling pad: To avoid/reduce condensation
  Absorber cooling pad: space-saving storage, self-filling cooling pad
  Attractive graduated prices and additional discounts for larger quantities are possible
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  • Cooling pads contain special gel fillings that store and slowly release cold
  • Our NO-SWEAT gel cooling pad has a special surface that prevents or greatly reduces condensation.
  • Our Absorber Gel cooling pad is delivered flat and unfilled. Before use, simply place the paper-like side in the water and wait 5 minutes. The pad automatically sucks water into the interior of the pad through a special membrane, where the liquid is bound by an absorber and can no longer leak out. Then simply freeze it and use it as a cooling pad.

  • No external power source required.
  • Depending on the design, flexibility and adaptability to the body or different products.
  • Lightweight and easy to transport cooling solution.

  • The covers of our cooling pads are made from materials that are suitable for direct contact with food.
  • The cooling pads are filled with a non-toxic gel.

  • Cooling pads are activated by freezing them in the refrigerator or freezer
  • After use, they can be prepared for the next use by refrigerating/freezing.

  • Cooling pads are used for a variety of purposes including first aid for injuries, sports injuries, camping, picnics, medicine, food transportation and more.
  • They are used in both private and commercial areas.

  • Our NO-SWEAT cooling pads offer a special surface which greatly reduces or completely negates condensation.
  • Designated cooling pads from our range can also be used as a heat compress.

  • Longer pre-cooling in the refrigerator or freezer can improve cooling performance.
  • Good insulation around the cooling pad, for example by using an insulated cover or our Styrofoam boxes, can maintain cooling for longer.

Items 1 - 16 of 16