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Cooling bag

  Cooling bags in different designs, sizes and variants
  Versatile, mobile and practical. with long-lasting cooling effect
  High quality materials, easy to clean
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  • Cooling bags offer a mobile and portable cooling solution without an external power supply - best in combination with ice packs or cooling pads.
  • They can be used flexibly and can be easily transported.
  • Empty cooler bags can be folded flat and stored to save space.

Cooling bags are available in different sizes and capacities, from small lunch bags to large family or camping bags (6L - 35L).

  • The cooling bags have a robust polyester outer shell and a welded food-grade inner lining.
  • Depending on the price range, the insulation consists of PE foam insulation that is up to 8 mm thick.

  • Cooler bags should be thoroughly cleaned and dried after each use.
  • Simply wash off any contamination with a damp cloth and warm water (follow specific care instructions on the respective label!).

  • Better cooling performance can be achieved by using ice packs or cooling pads.
  • The cooling performance can be optimized by pre-cooling the food and packing the cooling bag appropriately.
  • Avoid opening the cooling bag unnecessarily. This prevents exchange with the warmer outside temperature. Always close the cooling bag completely and avoid direct sunlight and thus the surface of the cooling bag getting hot.

  • For outdoor activities such as camping or hiking, robust and well-insulated cooling bags with adjustable straps are recommended.
  • When choosing a cooling bag, size, insulation, handling, quality and personal requirements should be taken into account.
  • Contact us to find the perfect cooler bag for your needs.

  • Cooling bags are particularly suitable for perishable foods such as meat, fish, dairy products, fruit and vegetables.
  • The cooling performance is vastly improved by using ice packs or cooling pads.
  • A cooling bag is ideal for transporting all products that require refrigeration from A to B. It is also ideal for protecting normal products from extreme heat or too much sun.

Items 1 - 12 of 12